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Kristina Starr

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  • Female
  • Brown
  • 5'10"
  • 130 lb
  • Independent
  • 24
  • Brown
  • 34D
  • 28"
  • 36"
  • Exotic
  • Men
  • Incall
  • Midtown West

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Kristina Starr

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Allow me to introduce myself: My name is Kristina, fitness model and nationally qualified bikini competitor. I am known for my combination of beauty, feminine muscularity, athleticism and sensuality. I have almond-shaped eyes, richly hued skin and high cheekbones. I stand at 5'10" with a hard-bodied physique, perky breasts and mile-long legs (okay, maybe not exactly a mile, but definitely bring a map).


I hold a BA in Applied Linguistics; I am well-traveled and have lived (and taught ESL) abroad. I consider myself to be wise beyond my 24 years. I enjoy stimulating conversations about interpersonal relationships, travel, culture, and especially fitness/nutrition. I have an intelligent, sophisticated, articulate attitude and a radiant personality my clients have come to know and love.


The magic of my hands will flow over your body to seduce your senses, ignite your passion and make you tingle with excitement. You will experience a journey into the deepest realms of intense teasing to stimulate your hidden erotic desires and excite your entire being. You will leave feeling rejuvenated and connected to your inner self.


I strive to provide a service of the highest quality and desire clients to have an exceptional experience. I use non-scented massage lotion, romantic candles and soft music for ambiance. Sessions with me encompass conversation, a non-judgmental approach to your self-indulgence, and skilled bodywork designed to heighten your euphoria. Experienced in the healing art of sensual massage, you'll find my caress a tantalizing prelude to what follows.


My private oasis is upscale, discreet and conveniently located in the heart of Times Square.




All-STARR Signature Full Body Sensual Massage

60 Minutes: 220

Feel the burning passion of a real woman with dangerous curves who LOVES to pamper. This technique utilizes light to medium pressure with long, sweeping strokes, gliding over the superficial layers of muscle tissue. My delicate touch will induce sighs of deep satisfaction! Forget the rat race for an hour. In NYC, everything we do is calculated. Now calculate this: My hands. Your body. It’s a simple equation, really.


Five-STARR Erotic Full Body Sensual Massage

60 Minutes: 260 | 90 Minutes: 380

Designed for the massage connoisseur seeking a focus on those ultra sensitive erogenous zones. This treatment is a unique cocktail of erotic body to body contact and excruciatingly slow caresses to excite the receptors under your skin.


Co-STARR Mutual Full Body Sensual Massage

60 Minutes: 300 | 90 Minutes: 440

This session integrates my erotic repertoire with the intimacy that is achieved through reverse massage. This is specifically for the enthusiast who takes joy in giving a woman a massage. My body is your canvas. Revel in it. Exhibit your fascination with this very rewarding and thrilling odyssey into deepened awareness. Bliss is not reached as a soloist, but as a duet, with interactive toy play. Go the extra mile — it’s never crowded.


Dinner date packages available March  August.

*Established clients only



Monday through Friday: 1pm — 10pm

I travel extensively on weekends when I am competing or touring. Please inquire about weekend availability.


For same-day inquiries, please text 646.531.1942 with

your full name;

a little bit about yourself;

type of treatment and duration;

desired appointment time


For advanced booking, please complete the form on my website.


Looking forward to being your sexy little treat!


Kristina Starr

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Kristina Starr

Phone: 646-531-1942 (Text only, please)
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